About Radical Radiation Remedy

Most people don't know much about radiotherapy, maybe they know that it’s a type of cancer treatment involving radiation.

This is surprising, as radiotherapy for treating cancer has been around for the best part of a century. And during this time, the technology has evolved beyond recognition – radiotherapy is now a cutting-edge method for treating cancer, employing high tech machines with substantial computing power. It makes use of complex network of technologies, with several highly disciplined team members involved.

But fewer people are aware of these new, advanced types of radiotherapy. If you read this blog regularly then you are starting to become aware of these methods. But what about the rest of the world? Nearly 50% of all cancer patients will have radiotherapy for there treatment. So why do people know so little about radiotherapy?

When we ask people “how much do up know about radiotherapy? the answer is not surprisingly  “not much”. We are here to change that!

About RRR

We are professionals working in radiotherapy centers providing radiotherapy and brachytherpay services. We started the Radical Radiation Remedy Blog to improve the awareness of radiation therapy and radiation for patients and the public alike.

We want to engage with people would are keen to learn about radiotherapy and radiation. Sharing experiences from someone in the Radiotherapy profession.

Radiotherapy can be a difficult experience for a lot of people, part of the difficulties come from the unfamiliar experience of having radiotherapy treatments and not knowing exactly whats going on. One of the biggest difficulty is to deal with the stigma around the word Radiation.


This needs to change! The stigma around radiation and radiotherapy may persuade some people not to get treatment. This is a dreadful prospect. The advancements in Radiotherapy are astonishing and need to be shared!

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Radical Radiation Remedy is in no way affiliated with any professional organisation within radiotherapy, nor does it reflect the options of any of these organisations.  The content published on this radical radiation remedy should not be considered as medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with an appropriately qualified medical professional.